Eleuterio Ramírez N° 952 | Puerto Natales, Chile

Camino de Santiago

St. James Way

aims to make you feel as at home and to enjoy the natural wonder of and its surroundings, while showing you the Way of St. James through its road by Navarra. That is why our rooms are decorated and have been named after 8 towns of Navarra:

is a route that walkers from all over the world take to reach Santiago de Compostela city. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the three main pilgrimages, along with Rome and its roads, and Jerusalem. Even if today there are many roads that reach Santiago, the most typical road is the French road, and the one having more historical tradition and the better known internationally and the most visited one.

originated in the Middle Ages, approximated in 821. Along its way there are several monuments giving faith of the artistic and cultural enrichment, as well as a great natural diversity.

From its entrance through Navarra to Santiago, the Way of St. James has about 750 km. Currently it is the , and every year thousands of people go over on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Some set out on this road with a deep religious emotion, others with cultural, sport or gastronomical spirit, but despite the difference between the travellers, there is always a common motivation, which is the need to get away from everyday life and take some time to travel and think.

In March 2017, we have become parents, and in June we had the fortune of going over the Way of St. James as a family. The Way of St. James is a personal challenge, so in order to make it an unforgettable experience is necessary to physically train and get well-informed. And what we aim to transmit to you during your stay at Natales is the hospitality and generosity every traveller gets in the Way and to help you to have a wonderful tour and trip to Torres del Paine.